Wealth Creation Strategies : Making Money Instead Of Making Babies

Surviving without money is hard, so let’s hustle for it. FYI, this piece of text has nothing to do with babies.
Wealth Creation
Money has been presented as the silver bullet to fix/curb/deal with everything in this world and majority has expressed the need of it since Burger King was still a prince.
I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the Genesis to Ruth stories of the bible where food was equivalent to money and people were more than willing to sell themselves for food. That’s how powerful money is to our lives. I’d say pretty much more powerful than Thanos.
It does not end here. Creatively, we, especially the entrepreneurs are willing to go all out by creating their own money mantra ‘more money’ just to give them motivation to create tonnes of it.
Yeah of course the leftists are opposing this idea by claiming that ‘money can’t buy you happiness’ or ‘money is not everything’. But then again, you don’t see someone crying over a Ferrari.

Wealth Creation

Why Do You Need To Make Money Instead?
The idea of money is so ingrained in our tabula rasa to the extreme point it becomes one of our basic necessities.
Well it should be, because money holds so much power and I personally think money is one thing that can make me secure living in this world.
According to Huffpost, the real reason you want more money is because money is the golden ticket to get what we want; to live an honour live, to experience things and even to leave a legacy. Without money, we are helpless.
Wealth Creation
So, how do we make money?
How To Start Making Money
Below are some steps that I think really useful and mind awakening as well especially for newbies. All you need to do is to start it right.

Wealth Creation

  1. Increase Your Financial Literacy

If you think you’re a financial illiterate, good, you’re not alone and let me give you a warm welcome to the club.
Wealth Creation
The majority out there are still struggling to know and decipher all these problematic terms that look like rocket science technology.
Due to this problem, it becomes harder to manage personal finances, learn about stock market, investing on properties and plan for retirement.
You need to know this, to consolidate financial intelligence is not easy and to become a financial literate does not happen overnight, nor it can be achieved as easy as reading a finance for dummies book.  You need to have proper ongoing lesson with reliable sources, practical experience and real world experience to improve your financial literacy. So, start learning now.
You might be wondering, why do I need to know about this? The answer is easy. In financial world, what you don’t know can hurt you.
By knowing the differences between tricky financial terms, you can save yourself from making a dangerous decision.
         2. Always Look For Opportunities
Wealth CreationEven though building wealth is not as easy as ABC, it’s not possible.
There are limitless amount of wealth creation opportunities you can join to kick start your wealth creation. Look out for opportunities available to help you increase your wealth creation such as seminars conducted by top wealth creation experts and mentors.
The only you need to do is to find a suitable platform according to your financial goal. For example, if you have passion in property investment, always look for successful property investors to help you, same case as well for other types of multiple sources of income.
By joining seminars and mentorship programs, you’ll be exposed to a greater scales of wealth creation opportunities. The only thing you need to do is to grab them quickly.
         3. Change Your Mindset
 Start now. Change your mindset.
It’s never too late to improve your financial knowledge bank. Increase your financial knowledge corpora by participating yourself to invest, estate planning, social security, how credit cards works, credit scores, real estate, type of insurance, taxes, cash rebates and any much more.
What you need to do is to tackle a topic at a time and master yourself with the topic at an amount of time. You can start with the topic that you’re most interested on in order to keep you motivate your financial learning foundation.
Another thing I need to point out is that you need to stop thinking finance and money as a weapon of mass destruction. It’s not and It should not be.
You can change your approach to money by awareness on how money can make significant change to your life. List out all money challenges that you can have and plan your strategy to get rid of each challenge.
Becoming wealthy is not by chance. The only way to get ahead is to get it starts.