Marshmallow Test : Future Prediction

I believe some of us here are addicted to sweets and snacks right?
Potato chips, ice-cream, french fries, etc can be eaten in various occasions, be it while working or watching a movie; it can cheer you up.

The Marshmallow test

One of such is the famous Stanford marshmallow experiments, conducted in series during late 6os and early 70s. This experiment is conducted by giving a the sample size of children treats (oftenly marshmallow). After that, the children will be told they can either eat the marshmallow on the spot or wait for another 15 minutes and get another treat after that.
Some of the kids ate the marshmallow on the spot without thinking twice, while some other kids waited patiently for 15 minutes to get the treat doubled.
This experiment is linked to two things; i. Self-control and ii. Perseverance. This attitude was observed and varied throughout the variation of the samples’ family’s socioeconomic background.
The children that waited for 15 minutes, keeping tightly of their self-control, can be found later in life, tend to be more successful.

How this can be applied in our career life?

I would like to think that most of us here are already aware of the corporate ladder and hierarchy in our working life.
A piece of advice to the young people out there: Do not expect your office life would be an easy peasy, smooth sailing journey.
When you graduated, sure enough, you would find yourself shifting and iterating the jobs vacancy list online.
You might have this kind of thinking by now; by working you can buy whatever you want and go wherever you feel like. And to do so, you will need to find a job that pays a lot.
Now, don’t hang your hopes up in the sky just yet. It’s true that when you are in the young adult stage of life, you will feel you are at the peak of your life. But there are few things that you should keep in mind first.

Instant gratification is not always recommended and patience is virtue

Like the kids who was in the marshmallow experiment, I think some of them regretted their decision to eat their marshmallow without thinking a beat. The inability to exert self-control to have instant pleasure can be quite frustrating especially when you see the rewards that you can get if you can just hold on a bit longer.
For example, all of us here, have thoughts and plans to buy and own our dream home right? But what about properties for your investment? Have you thought about it?
Investing in property can be very strenuous, but fruitful in the long run. You should consider the ways on how you can accumulate your wealth and enjoy peaceful life later on.

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