Key To Success in Life – Start By Making Your Bed


Accomplish your first task of the day, and you are going to have a productive day ahead. This is one of the key to success in life. 

For some of us, nothing is harder than waking up from a good sleep and leaving the bed early in the morning.
I mean, why would some leave the comfort of bed and the familiar scent of blanket and the sense of safety of bed the bae, just to face the unjust and cruel world?
Key to success in life
On the other hand, I believe humans behaviours are always interconnected to one another.
A Personal Story
From my personal experience, when I was in final year of college, I lived alone, and my whole life was a mess, totally a wreck.
My grades were stumbling, my place was a shipwreck scene and my lecturers can barely see my face in their classes, my focus and attention span was short-lived.
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Change in Life
Prior to this chaotic life, I once heard a saying (which, at that time, I cannot recall from where) “If you want to success in life, make your bed in the morning”.
So I tried. Driven by the notion to sort messy my life out.
First day of doing that, I woke up in the afternoon, the aftermath of burning midnight oil, finishing overdue assignments. But I still forced myself to fold my blanket, pulled the sheets tight, and placed the pillow just right at the center of the headboard.
But that’s it. That’s all I did.
But I did (read:forced myself) this for four days straight until Saturday.
That one fine spring Saturday morning, I woke up early (in actuality, forced to wake up after my neighbor’s dogs won’t stop barking) and slowly did my bed. As I stand at the door, I found it was very satisfying (with a small sense of pride) looking at my creased bed. But obviously I didn’t feel that much pride looking at other spaces of my room.
So I slowly picked up the socks and shirts that’s cluttered on the floor, and little did i know, one thing lead to another. I cleared the floor, cleaned my bathroom, did laundry and sorted out the heap of letters and papers that piled up on the dining table and get my daily fix of coffee at my neighbourhood Starbucks cafe.
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cleaning up
After few weeks, my life was never been better and organised.
What I’ve Come To Realise
The saying proven true for me after all. Fast forward to few years later, I realised what really made me sorted out my life in university (and graduated) can be explained simply by using the Domino Effect theory.
(Halfway writing this article I also finally remembered that the saying came from a speech by US Navy Admiral, William H McRaven, addressing University of Texas, Class of 2014)
Putting this Domino effect in simple words, it’s basically a cumulative of actions/effects produced when someone sets off a chain of similar events. And also a smaller domino piece can topple a bigger domino piece 1.5X of its size.
Domino’s Effect
So, when you wake up tomorrow, make sure that the first thing you want to do first is setting and making up your bed. By this, you will set off the chain reaction of actions. Next thing you will find yourself taking the trash out, walking your dog, etc.
Wisdom Behind This
Making my bed also made me realise that small and little things in life matter. If you cannot do small things right, you will never be able to do the bigger things right.
As Socrates once said: “The unexamined life is a life that is not worth living.” The wisdom behind making bed every morning is simple. Once you wake up and made your bed, you’ve accomplished something, a task for the first time of the day.
The gravity of the task is not trivial. The fact that you already accomplished something, first thing in that day, would give you, perhaps, a faint sense of accomplishment and pride. And it will encourage you to do another task, another, and another.
And when all is said and done, that one small task will turn into many tasks completed, by the end of the day.
And if your luck runs out for that day, you will at least come to a bed that is made. That you made! And made bed will console you that tomorrow will be better and a key to success in life.