Simon Sinek – Tips For Millennials In The Workplace


Newsflash: Professors can’t teach you everything in university right?

Disclaimer: If you think this listicle is going to teach millennial how to react in the workplace like a boss by giving you instructions like a manual on the back of a fridge then you’re wrong.
Based on my personal experience and video: Simon Sinek millennials in the workplace, there are a few things that you need to know and to have before entering the real world.
Let’s hear a story shall we?
As a recent fresh graduate, university was my focal point in life for many years. So, after somewhat a confusing-yet-fun 3 years in university, I was beyond ready to embark on my journey as an adult or so I thought.
Real World
So, after one full month of being unemployed, I got an offer to start my life as a working professional. Obviously, I accepted the offer.  The transition from a young-dumb-and-broke phase to an adult can be exciting at times but you can’t avoid the uncertainty and stress.
To make it simpler, it’s like you’re playing video game and you’ve leveled up. Congratulations! (..and now you’ll cry, a lot)
I’m very lucky because even though my job that I received is not entirely related to what I studied, but at least there are a few things that come in handy especially in writing discourse. On top of that, writing is my passion therefore, I think being a content marketer suits me well. I hope.
What’s funny about life is that things always happen unexpectedly and the same thing happens to me. Real world working situation hits me hard. It’s like a wake-up slap in the face telling me to realise that I’m no longer in the safe bubble where I have my parents and teachers to protect me.
I thought I was ready to take the world, be a content marketer and hit the home run.
I was wrong.
Almost nothing I did in university couldn’t compare with the job and everything just turned upside down.
The whole thing does not only revolve around my career but with my personal life as well,
It was a culture shock experience and everyday I’m presented with a new set of challenges. These things forced me to push myself in a way that my previous phase of life didn’t. Suddenly I have to think about bills, apartment rent, study loan debt, how-to-apply-for-car-loan, insurance, taxes and all the never-ending adulthood list.
Whoever governs the higher education system deserves a smack at the back of his/her head. I did not learn any of adulthood thing.
But giving up is not an option.
Slowly, yet religiously I tell myself to do learn and just do it. There’s no point to overthink about how scary adulthood is. Just do it. That’s all.
Based on my personal story, there are a few cogent things that I found helpful when entering the “real world” of my own.

  1. Be Bold

Tips For Millennials In The Workplace
If you think others are doing it effortlessly then you’re wrong. Other’s are as just the same as you. My tip is, fake it till you make it. After all, there’s no point in showing that you’re scared, people simply don’t care.

  1. Expectations

If you think you’re going to be a lawyer just because you work your heart out day and night for a law degree you might need a sharp snap to your face. The real world doesn’t work like that and if that really bothers you, I’d suggest you ignore it.
Millennials In The Workplace
If you get your dream job then you’re a very lucky man but if you don’t, suck it up and keep applying at Jobstreet. Only God knows what everyone else is doing.

  1. Learn – be grateful for the learning curve.

University didn’t prepare you for the real world. Okay, we get that but you shouldn’t be discouraged with the learning curve. See this as a chance for you to learn new things that could enhance your professional growth.

  1. Organise your money

Tips For Millennials
For me, this is one of the hardest things to do. Setting up financial and budget plan is not easy especially for fresh grads. Underpaid is like a must and employers romanticise it for their own profit.  Therefore, saving is a must. There will be a day when you need to smash your emergency piggy bank fund.
Other than that, there’s no harm to invest a little bit in financial knowledge. Do some shopping for books because I also find it useful to read books about finance such as wealth creation book.

  1. Enjoy your life to the fullest

I found that life happens really fast. Faster than you can name all shades of Rihanna Fenty Beauty foundation collection. Okay, that’s a lie but still….
I recently turned 23 and I’m not trying to be melodramatic but I began to feel old already. I have always thought that I will forever be a child and I have my parents to look after me. Guess I didn’t get the memo after all.
So, what I’m trying to do now is to enjoy all the moments that life may bring.
Uncertainty? Definitely. But that’s the beauty in life. You’ll figure your path of life along the way.
Enjoy Life
Mistake? Oh honey you’ll make tonnes of it to the point you just sigh and  say “Oh God please take the wheel.” You’ll make mistakes, but learn from those mistakes and grow.

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