Meditate Guide: How To Meditate And Heal

Let Faith Be Bigger Than Fear

How To Meditate
The first record of meditation came around 1500 BCE from the Hindu traditions of Vedantism. Now, mediation is no longer an alien word to our ears. We often heard meditation, but how many of us are actually practising it? How to meditate and is meditation really a need in our daily life?
We are always tangled with our daily tasks and constant hassle to get things done before the deadline, before the payment date or before your boss asked for it.
What’s more?
Some other things like broken relationship, argument, sickness, doubts and tiredness. All these emotional feelings which are not being physically seen, we reluctant to look in depth, cast them aside. Procrastinating to face it personally as it is a heart-aching feeling. Until one day, we can’t take it anymore, we lost control on temper and we become negative or even worst, or suffer in depression.
How can we deal with this?
Meditation is one of the ways to heal brokenness and giving us a peace of mind or in other words, inner peace.
Some of us may have forgotten the most basic rules of loving. Before you love others, you must love yourself. When you love yourself, then only you can truly love others.
To love yourself more, give yourself space and time to practice meditation which will help you to heal yourself, especially after a long day.
It is advisable to meditate when you wake up in the early morning or before you sleep.
Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, take a deep breath, inhale and exhale slowly, relax and loosen up. Imagine you are sitting alone on the beach or in the jungle, surrounded by serene environment.
Start thinking concerns below:
Transcendental meditation

  1. Spend time to listen to the little voice inside you.

Start an internal conversation within yourself. Ask yourself how are feeling today? Why do feel that way? What can you do to make it better?

  1. If there is any sadness or anger, point it out.

Tell the incident as details as possible, especially how do you feel. Allow yourself to feel angry or upset. After a minute, breath deeply, pack up your anger/sadness. And tell yourself: I’m going to forgive the person or let go of the incident. I will forgive you as I cannot bear to be suffering from the grudge rooting in my heart.

  1. Express your gratitude

Surely, life is filled with love. Be thankful and grateful for every little thing that made you feel loved, lucky, and appreciated. You can thank yourself, for having the ability to forgive others; thankful for the ability to enjoy the things you like such as drinking your favourite Starbucks coffee on a daily basis to kick-start a new day; or thank you for the backstabber, if without them, your magnetism and charisma are not as good as today.

  1. Focus on what you should do and how to make things better

Coming back to the daily routine, reflect, and think carefully of what do you need to focus today. And when it’s the end of the day, how do you feel, and what activity can be a perfect ending of a day, it can be an awesome dinner with friend(s), work out or read a fantastic book.

  1. Remember your goals

Always remind yourself, every step you are doing now is one step closer to your goal. Be hopeful, overcome all the challenges and make your dream comes true. Never give up, sometimes you just need a little bit of patience!
Mindfulness MeditationLife is full of purposes. Find your purpose and love what you do!
Meditation, an action to love yourself, let’s start today!

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