How To Overcome The 3 Biggest Sales Mistakes

Occasionally, we might meet someone approaching us trying to sell or promote something. Sadly, not every one of them can produce a satisfying result. In some scenarios, some prospective customers even turn down their offer unheard even before the salesperson could speak further!
There is no doubt they are working very hard and I honestly respect those salespersons walking around trying their very best to make a living.
There could be many reasons for the snub. Here are the 3 most common mistakes why most of the salesperson facing this problem.

Low and unstable energy levels


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Low & unstable energy levels while approaching potential customers can be projected as lacking confidence, unsure in positioning caused body language, producing visual factors which subconsciously hinting the client to not waste time stopping for whatever it is they are trying to peddle to others.
Of course, there will be some successes depending on luck but do you want to make it only on luck? Instead, learning and using effective handling skills will give you a much higher success rate.  
The way to improve your energy level is by fulfilling the 7 tips in the pre-impression stage which includes a combination of inner factors, physical & connective factors.
For example, your inner factors are factors such as effective mindset, the spirit of professionalism and positive emotion factors are those that are projected from inside out that will be directly conveyed in your physical factors and appearances, such as your visual image in overall tidiness, practical non-verbal body language, expression, and body odour. Connective factors are those that will transmit your energy to your potential client.
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In essence, this is to perform at a higher energy level with The Law Of Attraction. Without the connective frequencies, you and your client would not have the connection to have a good sales conversation start.

Jumping straight to selling without building trust

Most of the time, I’ve noticed most salespersons do not even care about their customer’s feelings. They can’t wait to talk and try to start the sales process that it creates an annoyance that makes the customer want to walk away.
Gaining the basic trust of your client is a more efficient way instead.


Let’s change the position. Assuming you were the client, would you buy or agree to pay for something from someone you don’t trust? I doubt the answer is yes. Now realize that building trust is more important than anything in the sales process. But how do you do it?
The visual nonverbal pre-impression stage can be very critical in how you perform in the split seconds before meeting someone with your 7 steps in progress stage.
The trust that built from the beginning needs to be solidified along the process since every customer has a different benchmark in gaining their trust. However, with consistent energy level plus good handling skills in the progressive stage will enhance your success rate. To learn more about this, join us on Hooty Social Learning platform.

Doing for the sake of doing

Yes, you seem very hardworking, running around sweating with your efforts.
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Now pause, stop doing it blindly and think about this: Are you doing it with the correct attitude in your mind? Are you doing it just because it is your job?
If you are doing it without a correct mindset, you can never perform well!
First of all, being clear of what you are doing, how to do, what’s the goal to achieve, what’s the proper and effective skills you are using is important! It does not matter if the company or brand belongs to you or your boss, at the end of the day you will never perform well without a great sense of belonging.
Once again, do you really want to achieve great results? Or are you treating it as just another job that you are doing? Setting your goals and getting a mentor to make sure you achieve it step by step, in the long run, is extremely important.
If you really want to make it, focus and strike it with precision! To learn more in practice on how to perform and achieve good results in sales, stay tuned in our next seminar in Achieving Phenomenal Sales Results webinar by visiting the link below: 

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