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Discover Your Potential & Get Exceptional Opportunities With Hooty Learning Platform

Discover Your Potential & Get Exceptional Opportunities

With Hooty Learning Platform


Position yourself online, become a social influencer and get global exposure across 20+ countries with Hooty Online Learning Platform.


Talk about personal and professional Life from Career, Business, Investment, Heatlh and Wellness, Relationship, Leadership or any topics that can add value to other people’s life.


Take advantage of Hooty’s team production and platform support, helping you to complete your own learning channel.

3 Simple Steps To Become Hooty Influencer



* Click on the button/link below and fill up your details.


* Choose your topics that you’re passionate to share.


* Plan, record and submit a 1-2 minutes by uploading the video onto Youtube.


* Your video should cover your personal introduction and background, topics that you would like to share and what can the audience learned from this topic? How can the benefit from your sharing?



If you’re shortlisted, our team will contact you within 7 days to get to know more about you, schedule our next step, decide on numbers of topics, title, description and some of the terms.



* Hooty team will provide you with resources to help you complete your recording.


* We’ll let you know what to expect, following our template to speed up the process.


* Hooty team will do screening and quality control process, and publish your video on the platform

Explore Limitless Possibilities With Us Now


Alexander Ang

~ Digital Marketer~

“Hooty team has vast experience in production, shooting as well as assisting people like us to become more comfortable in front of the camera.

They have done a good job, great support and enjoy working with them to allow me to share my skills online with the world.”

Lena 2

Mas Marlena Mohamad

~Public speaker, Coach & Founder of Altruistic Youth~

“We are coming into the Digital Age, and Hooty is providing speakers like me the platform to integrate into this new digital era!

With Hooty, I’m not only able to have wonderfully captured and edited videos, but I am also given a platform with a wider reach of viewers, people who I couldn’t have reached out to just by doing Live sessions.

I’d 100% recommend the Hooty learning platform to gain better reach with the world.”

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