About Us


This is Hooty, a social learning platform that loves to create, learn, and share. No, we are not Tron and we don’t have flying cars.

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Hi awesome nerds! Welcome on board!

We’re young creators. That’s over-simplified but you’ll get the idea. We are bunch of youngsters and a few old people but claimed to be young at hearts that perceive the world differently. We sing our own song and dance to our own rhythm, even though it’s not on the same pace with the rest. Basically, we’re weird and awkward by default. But hey, that’s fine. That’s what makes life so much better.



We have different backgrounds. However, these differences do not hinder us from produce epic…….. wait for it…..RESULTS. In fact, these differences are what make us more creative in colouring our creations. We laugh if one of us fall flat on the face but still extending our helping hands because we are a team with a purpose.

This purpose is what makes us come to work everyday (It does not feel like a tradition at all, mind you.) because we want to generate the out-of-the-box ideas and how to realise them. So, based on our hard work, commitment and a good rendang recipe, we come up with HOOTY.

Hooty, a social learning platform is created by a collaborative blast of creativity, ignites by professionals, coaches, rich people, I mean investors and most importantly, cat-lovers!

But, do you know who is Hooty actually?

Our Hooty is pretty dope. Not enough? Then let us tell you a story about Hooty using our wild imaginations.


Hooty is a blue owl from the future, measures less than 30cm, with undisclosed body weight but slightly fat. Hooty is different compares to other owls because Hooty is latched from a blue egg while others are white. His differences are what make Hooty so special. He sees the world in a different angle. Hooty is also a creator. He has created many things, but his most monumental creation is a time machine.  

With his time machine, he travelled to present with the vision to create an opportunity for helping people develop personal financial growth and self-improvement. Hooty believes that human can enrich their lives by sharing knowledge with each other.

Which is why Hooty decided to create Hooty Mobile Learning, a learning platform that can help people develop their financial and personal growth. This platform allows people to share knowledge with each other and eventually, build a learning community.

And by the way, his favorite food is fish burger.

So, how’s that for being wild?

So, imagine yourself being able to access a selection of informative videos ranging from wealth creation, self-improvement, lifestyle and more from top instructors and coaches, and, if you’re a bookworm, loads of articles are waiting for you.

Imagine that you can watch or read it anywhere, wherever and whenever you want, be it on your phone, tablet or on your laptop all day every day!


You can get all of these for a price cheaper than your mobile plan.   


Hooty’s name comes from the resemblance of an owl’s hoot. We choose owl because as a spirit animal, “an owl is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive”. The symbolic meaning and our vision is somehow relating to each other. Therefore, we feel rather connected to this spirit animal.

Our Mission


To provide a fun and creative social learning platform for young and dynamic individual

Our Vision


We want to be the leading face of the online social learning platform in Asia, with the best practical content that could serve and help people to grow personally and financially.

Our Values

We Learn, We Share and We Grow Together

Our Promise

We, bunch of young, energetic people solemnly swear that we will do our best commitment and glued to our desks if we need to just to provide you the best social learning platform. You’ll have best content..

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